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a bit about me:

Peter Michael McDonald (two saints walk into a burger joint....) is an actual Los Angeles native. At the age of fourteen, Peter’s family decided to leave Highland Park and try something new. The “new” thing, opening a boutique on the eve of a recession, meant moving to southern Florida. The new thing was not a success. But Peter learned to fish, play tennis in ridiculously humid conditions, and finished High School. The family returned to sunny Southern California where Peter entered UC Irvine as a Biology major. This plan was scuttled when Peter decided to fulfill a “breadth requirement” in the Theater Department...the rest is history. Peter’s first gig out of college was performing at The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville (the name says it all) in Oceano, CA. Beer, hotdogs, popcorn, cheering, booing, and hissing were on the menu.....the place is still going these many years later! From there Peter headed back to LA, found work in touring shows, local theater, and eventually TV and Film. During that time, he also made numerous trips to Europe, including a visit to Prague a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall; found he had a skill for fixing things that came in very “handy” when funds were waning; learned to Scuba Dive; and was lucky enough to meet and marry his dream girl.

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